Still Pond Media

Still Pond Media

Multimedia, Effortlessly

Hi there! I'm Josh Jennings, a multimedia designer! Looking for someone to do some graphic design? Some front end web development? Some animation or video editing? Well, hey, I've got you.

I've worked on a variety of projects for all sorts of clients. Maybe I could do some work for you!


I like to think of design as a language. It’s a way to express not just the services or product you provide, but how you want your customer to feel with every interaction. This company prides itself on visual communication, serving as the translation service between the spirit of your company and the minds of your clients.

Boeing - Culture Board Game
MediaPro - State of Privacy and Security Awareness
MediaPro - Privacy and Security Awareness 101 in Education
MediaPro - GDPR Cheat Sheet for Cybersecurity Professionals
MediaPro - Squash Malware Poster
BladeQuest - Cover
MediaPro - Project Janus


What good is a scenic trail if everyone who steps on the path gets lost? I pride usability and discoverability above all else, with clean, elegant interfaces that don’t get in the way. On any device, for any customer need, the path is clear.

eBay Security Center
MediaPro Homepage Revision
Sesame Communications
Laser Time Network
Dun & Bradstreet Homepage Revision
Worsted for Wear
Hydrogen 7
Queer Mussar


It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. I can help you design supplemental materials, from advertisements to video to games to audio content, all of which helps you create an engaging impression that sticks in the audience’s mind while communicating the values of your company.

MediaPro - Tax Season
MediaPro - Internet of Things
MediaPro - Internet of Things - Cinematic
ABB - 'Tis the Season
Hoovers - Business Development
Laser Time - Superman
Laser Time - Japan
Here's Some Food
MediaPro - Cloud Computing


Still Pond Media is the work of, well, me, Josh Jennings. I’ve been creating web-based art since 2000, with a focus on customer interaction and creating personality-rich multimedia that leaves a lasting impression. I’ve worked with small startups, local institutions, Congressional campaigns, webcomics, pop culture sites, and enterprise clients such as Boeing, Ebay, and more. I’d love to help you communicate your brand’s unique spark to your clients.